My Beautiful Reality……

My weaknesses are truly my strengths, guiding me closer to my hopes and dreams!!!! ~keyona rochell~
Which have begun to manifest themselves thru my acknowledgment of those things not seen nor heard…my beautiful reality I speak into existence! pryncessyndrome~

The BEAUTY of REALITY, only shines through the beholder. If your reality ain’t shining BEAUTIFULLY, polish it off so you can see your BEAUTY up close and personal! For the reality of us all, is simply..BEAUTIFUL!!! IM NO ONE’S FAILURE… ~keyona rochell~

True BEAUTY surpasses ALL boundaries and can only be revealed when one’s life comes full circle and you breathe everlasting LIFE into your REALITY! pryncessyndrome~

To get your reality…Realize Each Action Learned, Imagined, see Y you aren’t where you need/should be and… ~keyona rochell~

Then take these lessons/actions learned and apply them to your life to reap the benefits of knowing one’s true self. Giving you the ability to embrace yourself and others wholeheartedly…..exuding positive energy that will guide you down a path of righteousness. pryncessyndrome~


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