Love Lost

I was hesitate about letting you back in
but your heart eased my mind and allowed nature to take its course.
You spoke to me and expressed your need to have me in your life.
I delighted in these words and held fast to their very existence.
You made me forget past wrongs
and I looked forward to a new beginning,
one filled with endless possibilities.
As with anything, it was beautiful in the beginning,
felt so fresh, brand new…..
un rehearsed, sincere……
words matched the efforts put forth.
Now, I fear the newness has worn off and things have changed.
Past actions have resurfaced…..posing to destroy the progress made.
I sit now dazed and confused at the turn of events and wonder….
did sincerity ever live here or was my blind eyes fueled by a love lost?

By:  PryncesSyndrome ©


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