A Tall Glass of Water

A Tall Glass of Water you are.
I drink of you and anticipate the next sip as you drip off my lip.

As you drop onto my chin,
you slide down ever so gently.
I feel a chill as you roll down my neck.
You nestle yourself in my bosom.
You slowly slide down my stomach,
and become 2 drops of everlasting love.

Splitting and traveling left and right.
You rejoin at the tip of my pelvis.
Electrifying my body and soul.
My inner juices are flowing….

Praying that last drop,
that drop of ecstasy will quench my thirst.

By: PryncesSyndrome ©


You excited me with the sensual phrases of lust.
Your sultry lips dripped with anticipation of meeting mine.
I’ve dreamt of you enticing my most secluded areas.
Regions only a skilled explorer could explore.
Letting your tongue reign over its kingdom,
that was created to satisfy me for eternity.
I give extreme praise for your bountiful deeds.
For your sexual gratification has been greatly cherished.
I feel that it is in good favor,
to return these great deeds unto you.

By:  PryncesSyndrome ©


Why must my feelings be sacrificed time and time again?
Why must tears stain my golden cheeks?
Why must you play games with my heart?
Why does your aim seem to be destruction instead of repairing?
Am I no longer your desire?
Is your focus redirected which causes cruelty and dissension?
The answer I seek is not in a response.
Words are just those….
empty promises and hold no value without action.
A woman knows when there’s a change.
That’s why I’ve been gone emotionally and physically for months now.
Funny how you didn’t’ notice.
By:  PryncesSyndrome ©

He Reveals Not

I’ve seen your shadow,
watching me from a far.
You follow my every move,
he knows the rhythm of my walk,
the grace of my talk,
but yet He Reveals Not.

I’ve seen your shadow,
undressing me with your eyes.
You glance at my body of art,
following every inch, curve, dimension,
he knows me better than I know myself,
but yet He Reveals Not.
I’ve seen your shadow,
hovering over my bed.
Listening to my soul at rest.
He guards me and I know he does,
but yet He Reveals Not.
By:  PryncesSyndrome ©

With Closed Eyes…….

With closed eyes, I envision our last encounter.
You approach me with open arms.
We embrace like never before,
I long to taste you.

We embark on a quest to find the hidden treasure that dwells deep within.
Your tongue dances to the beat of my heart – you lead I follow.
We switch roles and I’m now in control of this journey.
I long to feel your soothing touch.

I wrap my arms around your waist and pull you close.
I bury my head in your bosom.
Your smell propels me into a state of contentment – I am forever lost
in your loveliness.
With open eyes, I remember the most enchanting encounter ever.

By: PryncesSyndrome ©