My body aches and yearns for you.
The sight of you brings me great joy.
I anticipate gazing upon your loveliness.
I long for your warm embrace,
tender kisses, and sweet caress.
Thinking about those eyes…..
and how captivating and inviting they are.
Piercing my heart
and sending it to the heavens to soar amongst the moon and the stars.
Your smile brightens my darkest day….
illuminating my soul and sending me to heights unknown.
It is a melody that forever plays in my mind….
keeping me in tune with you.
Your lips are soft and supple.
They kiss my lips and life as we know it stands still.
As you kiss me I marvel at the way you explore me with your tongue.
With every flick and sensual bite,
you send me to ecstasy over and over again.
I relish in the flavor our juices create when they combine.
Your kisses are something like a fine wine – aged,
full-bodied, and potent.
Always leaving me thirsting for more.
Your physique is beautiful.
I love your structure and build….
it’s as if you were created just for me to enjoy and devour.
Your hands embody so much strength and character – gentle yet masculine.
Rough yet smooth.
Firm yet attentive.
Hands that have the free range to roam and explore all of me.
Please come release my body from this turmoil that it endures……
give me what it craves and desires – You.

By: PryncesSyndrome ©


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