Happy Thanks*Giving

Hello All!

Happy Thanks*Giving to you and yours (yes, I broke the word up for a reason see below).  I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with love and laughter.  Thanks*Giving is a day to give *THANKS* for those who matter the MOST in your life.  Not only is it a time to give *THANKS* but also a time to *BE THANKFUL*.  Thankful for God’s mercy, His grace, and His forgiving spirit.  On this day, we should extend our hearts and be gracious as the Lord our God has done with us.  Make sure to *GIVE* and to give *ABUNDANTLY*.

For myself, I am so eternally grateful and *THANKFUL* for my immediate family – Randolph, Akeira, Amaya, and Amaury – words can not explain how much you mean to me and God has truly blessed me!  I’m *THANKFUL* for the ability to right wrongs and to mend relationships.  I’m *THANKFUL* for my FAMILY – Mom, Dad, Mike, Erica, Michael, Trinity, Bishop, Russ, Francine.  I couldn’t have been blessed with a more beautiful family and I cherish you guys and love you always!  It’s time we get back to basics and put family 1st.  I can’t forget my aunt and uncle Pat & Naybop – for always being there for me and mines and playing a major role in our lives.  Last but not least, to the two ladies in my life that mean so much.  For all your patience (never giving up on me), understanding (when I’m difficult), time (being there for me), and unconditional love (never turning your back on me or leaving my side)…..Kendra and Tyishia words can not sum up the love I feel for you both!

So, I will leave these words…….cherish those who are in your life NOW because tomorrow is not promised to us.



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