PryncesSyndrome’s TidBits – 1st Installment

Love Street

Loves endless street is blameless.
We know not what we do.
It’s just those words, “I Love You”
that seem to pull us through.

My Life

My life is an endless quest for peace and understanding of myself.
I struggle with the mysteries of life.
How it begins and ends.
Eternity is what I’m striving for.
To be able to live forever,
in a state of indescribable happiness.


With just 1 kiss,
You’ve sent me soaring….
I’m so high off your love and I never wanna come down.
With just 1 look,
u propel my body into a state of contentment.
With just 1 touch,
You’ve gained… heart~

Love’s Anthem

Love is a meaningless anthem.
Which has been the theme of all lifetimes.
Continuous heartache its given me.
I struggle to understand its complexity.
One day it will appeal to me.

By:  PryncesSyndrome ©

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