PryncesSyndrome’s TidBits – 4th Installment

Perfect Encounter

As I lay here,
I imagine our bodies intertwined….
visions of sexual gratification and emotional connections are formed
and passion fills the air.
When I envision my perfect encounter….it’s with you.

The Entrance

As I part my thighs,
I anticipate the entrance of a life time.
I’ve waited eagerly to feel every inch,
every stroke, every rhythmic motion,
as you enter my most sacred place.
You navigate my body with such precision,
detail, and mastery….
I welcome you with open arms and embark on a journey of endless ecstasy.


Now that I have your attention,
I plan on keeping it captive.
Holding onto it with a grasp so strong,
intense…..never wanting to let go.
I’ve gained apart of you and with my insatiable appetite I desire more of you.
With each passing day and every changing hour,
I grow fond of my findings.
Not knowing if they are permanent,
but wanting them to reveal unfounded truths.

By: PryncesSyndrome ©


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