PryncesSyndrome’s TidBits – 6th Installment

Fancy Free

Fancy free is how I’m living.
Throwing all my troubles to the wind.
Doing away with all the hurt and the pain,
the ups and the downs.
I am too blessed to be stressed,
and I’m letting it be known.
Today is a new day,
and I’m living it fancy free~


Lets get lifted and soar high….
releasing all inhibitions.
Loose yourself in me and I in you.
Lets explore the unknown and relish in our discovery….
for divine pleasure is our destiny.

Bet on Love

I’ll never bet on love again.
The cost is too extreme.
I thought I could afford its highly favored appearance, its glitzy lifestyle, and cunning ways.

I’ll never bet on love again.
It almost cost me my life.
I was done with the empty promises, lies, and deceit.

I’ll never bet on love again.
Because love is not a game.
Once you’ve realized that, you’ll definitely change your aim.

By: PryncesSyndrome ©

W.O.W. – Words of Wisdom

Today finds me in a state of contentment.  A satisfaction that often has wavered in my life.  As I mature, I realize that all things happen in its appropriate time.  It can’t be rushed or forced, nor can it be explained.  We all have a design that was laid out for us.  A path that isn’t always easy to navigate or one that is filled with options, choices, and repercussions.  As I write this, I am appreciative of CHANGE, ACCEPTANCE, and the chance to REWRITE my life’s story.  With a smile on my face and peace in my heart, I move onward towards my shinning light that lies at the end of the tunnel. PS~

Introducing……Akeira Monique~

I am pleased to introduce my daughter Akeira Monique.  I’ve always known that she possessed GREAT talents such as drawing, fashion, dancing, and now WRITING.  Here is her 1st (and definitely not her last) poem and I’m so proud of her!!!  Artistry comes in all ages………..

Endless Love……..

And there are nights I thank GOD he’s blessed me with you.
Hearing the soft sound of rain against my window pane,
makes me want you to be closer to me.
As we slowly stroke each others skin with love and caress…..
holding each other tight.
Never letting go,
is the endless love that I want to share with you.
You could never be replaced,
because inside there is a deeper love that I can only define.
The intimacy between us is more than a 4 letter word; passion, pain, and pleasure.
And through the abusiveness of our love,
I’m ADDICTED to the hurt and pain that’s furiously growing inside of me because of you.
I’m a sucka for your LOVE,
it takes every inch of me to give you my all!
And I’m forsaking to Love You……….


By:  Akeira Monique~ ©

Have You Tapped In?

Not everyone possess the ability to create.  There are a chosen few who have been blessed with this GIFT but are unaware.  Unaware of its potential and power.  This GIFT is not always recognizable to SELF.  There are times when our creative side starts to show but it may be snuffed out by non-believers; not encouraged or nurtured.  There are times when we feel that we have the GIFT but FEAR holds us back from developing this craft and sharing it with the world.  There are also times when we are unfamiliar with the GIFT, therefore, we walk this earth not fulfilling our true destiny.  I myself have tapped into my GIFT(s)……..have you??


Are You A Junkie??

Have you ever experienced a love like no other? A love that you would do any and everything for? A love that has you acting out of character? A love that has you accepting things you normally wouldn’t – taking you out of your comfort zone? If you have answered YES to all of these questions, you suffer from the JUNKIE syndrome. We have ALL been struck by this overwhelming feeling that consumes our very existence. Taking us to heights unknown and ignoring all boundaries. YES my dear you too suffer from this syndrome and I will say this…….when its the RIGHT person and that person is WORTHY of your love, then being a JUNKIE is the BEST feeling in the world – trust me I know 🙂

Some of you may have already read JUNKIE but if not check it out here: JUNKIE

Good Morning 12/19/11

Mondays are usually the day we dread because it’s the beginning of the work week.  The weekend has come and gone and now it’s time to shift gears.  Mondays don’t have to be a drab at all.  Sensual Mondays are here to wake up your sexual palette and arouse your insatiable appetite.  Feast on these poems that are sure to get your juices flowing…….Sensual Mondays are here to help you release your inhibitions and indulge in our naughty!*


PryncesSyndrome Mentality


PryncesSyndrome~ is a mentality that is possessed by some but not by many. Its mentality can’t be brought or sold nor is it easily finessed. I was born with the mentality and I do it best!
To be put on a throne,
Since the day I was born,
This is all I know.
So I embrace this title and wear it proud.
For PryncesSyndrome~ is not just a name but…..a way of life!

By: PryncesSyndrome ©

Satisfy Me!

You’re everything to me.
My love for you is deeper than any clear blue sea.
You’re all the man I need and desire.
Touch my body and make my skin curl.
Boy, you’re all I need in this world….
Satisfy Me!

Set my soul a blaze.
Raise my thighs around your waist.
Rub me gently with your grace.
Pull me closer to your love.
Let me know I’m your one and only….
Satisfy Me!

Making love to you feels so right.
Keep on loving me through the night.
Hold me close and don’t let go.
Baby, my love aint just for show.
Let me hear you call my name,
there’s no need to be ashamed.
Just keep on loving me the way you do…
And baby then I will Satisfy You!

By:  PryncesSyndrome ©

Late In The Day……

Well, here it is late in the day, and I’m scanning the web getting ideas and info together for the ventures to come next year.  2012 has to be and will be the defining year for all my hard work and efforts.  I can see the big picture and it’s so close……….January 1, 2012 change begins and for the BETTER!



I never really believed in Astrology or gave it too much thought.  Living in a Christian household, we did not believe in anything that was not of God.  Through my writing, I started to recognize my gifts that God had given me.  HE would give me words that I wouldn’t know the meaning of but once I looked it up, it fit right into place.  When I first started writing, I would write for hours on end producing poem after poem after poem. Writing became my refuge… saving grace.  I could talk freely on paper and it didn’t talk back.  It had only one purpose, to provide a space for me to let my feelings and emotions flow vicariously.  It was through my writing that I started to study people and their actions and behaviors.  It started with myself and my husband – he’s a Cancer.  According to the zodiac, he is one of 3 (I believe) that I have a *love match* with.  Ok, so as I do further investigation, my husband is a TRUE Cancer through and through and I…..well needless to say, I am a TRUE Pisces in ever since of the word.  For those who know me, they have a front row view of my colorful, sometimes corky, artsy, emotional, silly, and indecisive personality.  I became intrigued by my findings and embraced *ME*.  For there are MANY Pisces in this world but none like *ME*.  Yes, we may share the same traits, behaviors, and/or moods, but WE PISCES are *unique creatures* and to know US is to LOVE US!!  Here’s a poem that I wrote that tells you actually WHO I AM.  Some of you may have read it already but if not here’s *VERSATILE*