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Well guys, I did it again!!!  My poem that I wrote for my husband, “As I Watch You Sleep”, has been selected to be published in Poetry Digest’s December 5th issue.  I am honored once again to share the spotlight with so many talented poets.  I’m so appreciative of the recognition that I’m receiving and the ability to show my children that no dream is too small and your hearts desire can be achieved with hard work.   This is a great achievement for me and I thank GOD for blessing me with such a special gift.  It’s really hard trying to get your name out there as a notable writer and I’m grateful for this blog and my followers.  Here’s snippets from the letter I received….wanted to share it with you all~

Contemporary Poetry Digest Monthly

Hi Shamekia, It’s my pleasure to bring you the exciting news that your poem, “As I Watch You Sleep”, has been Selected to be Published in Poetry Digest’s annual poetry anthology, From The Heart. From The Heart is a treasured collection of poetry from today’s best poets and writers that will proudly feature YOUR POEM.  Your selection to be published in one of poetry’s most widely read anthologies is an honor you can always be proud of, and will serve as a lifetime display of your talent.

Congratulations again, Shamekia, on your writing achievement.

Alexandra Pierce, Editor Contemporary Poetry Digest


45 thoughts on “Contemporary Poetry Digest Monthly

  1. Congratulations! That is wonderful and something to be very proud of…I haven’t sent any of mine in for publication, but I’d like to..I should lift that one off the back burner! You might have inspired many people! Keep up your writing! 🙂


  2. Hi is this contemporary digest thing real? Did they really publish ur poem? Cz I also got an email that mine would be published then I researchd and an answer in yahoo says its a scam please reply asap I av already paid 4 my copy


  3. Please PryncesSyndrome, I submitted a poem for publication and I received an email with the same wording as the one you posted. I was unable to reserve a copy of the book for myself, so I do not know if it was really published as the email I received promised. Please how do I find out if it was really published? Is there a website or blog, I could refer to? Thank you


  4. Hi! i also received an email from them the other day but i am still waiting because the date of publishing is October 25. If my poem is published do i get any payment? thanks.


    • I had two poems that were published back in 2011 and 2012. I purchased books because I wanted to have a copy for myself. Not sure how much it cost and I apologize if I don’t have much information to give you. I’m going to post the books that my poems were published in.


  5. Dear Princess

    Congratulations on your success. It’s heartwarming to know that poets are being treated with the consideration they deserve these days. I have just one question.
    Do they publish our poem even if we do not purchase any copies of the book?


  6. hi …like you even I have been selected for the poetry editors choice…having read the above comments i’m in a dilemma as to buy it or not!!if we mail this alexandra pierce,will we get a reply!! can you put some photos of the book you were published in..would be really helpful.


  7. I can’t get to see my winning potty that is to be in June issue , I can’t afford to get magazine so all I have is on line, I’m poor an have to watch my spending if by any way any one has used this June’s issues I’d love to have them to let my family know I’m not pulling THIER leg if any one can help me my address is 69 Dakota lane Dunn nc 28334


  8. Hi, I was awarded an EDITORS CHOICE (AWARD?). Does anyone have a clue as to how many entries were submitted and how many received editors choice awards? I think that is the only way to evaluate the validity of the award as well as establish a standing. Don’t you agree?


  9. My poem “women” was selected to be published in the junw addition of the contemporary poetry digest monthly , i couldn’t avail for a copy of it . can i please know if the book can be read online.


    • I’m really not sure. I never checked becuz I received my copy of botj mu poems thay was published with them. They should of sent out a letter telling you you were selected. There should be an email or number to reach them.


  10. Hi, Shamekia! Congatulations about your poem. Such an amazing poet you are. 🙂
    I would like to ask about Contemporary Poetry Digest Monthly. I also been choosen by Alexandra Pierce for my poem “Friend for a lifetime”. I also received an email, notifying me that my poem got selected as Editor’s Choice, but that was 2013. I wonder if where can we find a copy of this “book” or compilations? I hope you can help me with this. Because i really do want a copy as a memoir. Thank you and God bless!


    • Thank you so much! I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you. Honestly, this was years ago and I had no problems with receiving my copies. There is little information on the copies in ref to contacting someone. I wish i could be of more help…blessings to you as well.


  11. Y cant i get alexdra pierce email address i was selected n email that my poem love was chosen n still i cant get back to alexandra about it


  12. Hi its tashika blair i was selected as one of d top achievers in poetry writing i was email by alexandra pierce n i wrote the poem love but git the email late so i did not get to send in my biography also my pick n i have not gotten back an email please reply


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