Good Morning

Just wanted to pop in and say HELLO and THANK YOU to all of you who have joined my BLOG and for those of you who haven’t yet…’re truly missing out!!  I want to leave these *JEWELS* with you…..It doesn’t take much to lend a HELPING HAND.  Remember WHERE you came from and if you have the means to HELP, DO SO!  GOD blesses those who GIVE willingly and knowingly.  Don’t let FAME and FORTUNE corrupt your SPIRIT.  Always be THANKFUL for what you have, it could be worst.  Leave the past in the PAST and dwell on the FUTURE.  Growth comes from MATURITY.  There is no PERFECT mate because there is no PERFECT person.    Ok, I feel like I might be rambling but I think you get the jist lol.  Have a wonderful day and remember…WORDS are powerful so watch how you use them.



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