I never really believed in Astrology or gave it too much thought.  Living in a Christian household, we did not believe in anything that was not of God.  Through my writing, I started to recognize my gifts that God had given me.  HE would give me words that I wouldn’t know the meaning of but once I looked it up, it fit right into place.  When I first started writing, I would write for hours on end producing poem after poem after poem. Writing became my refuge…..my saving grace.  I could talk freely on paper and it didn’t talk back.  It had only one purpose, to provide a space for me to let my feelings and emotions flow vicariously.  It was through my writing that I started to study people and their actions and behaviors.  It started with myself and my husband – he’s a Cancer.  According to the zodiac, he is one of 3 (I believe) that I have a *love match* with.  Ok, so as I do further investigation, my husband is a TRUE Cancer through and through and I…..well needless to say, I am a TRUE Pisces in ever since of the word.  For those who know me, they have a front row view of my colorful, sometimes corky, artsy, emotional, silly, and indecisive personality.  I became intrigued by my findings and embraced *ME*.  For there are MANY Pisces in this world but none like *ME*.  Yes, we may share the same traits, behaviors, and/or moods, but WE PISCES are *unique creatures* and to know US is to LOVE US!!  Here’s a poem that I wrote that tells you actually WHO I AM.  Some of you may have read it already but if not here’s *VERSATILE*



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