Introducing……Akeira Monique~

I am pleased to introduce my daughter Akeira Monique.  I’ve always known that she possessed GREAT talents such as drawing, fashion, dancing, and now WRITING.  Here is her 1st (and definitely not her last) poem and I’m so proud of her!!!  Artistry comes in all ages………..

Endless Love……..

And there are nights I thank GOD he’s blessed me with you.
Hearing the soft sound of rain against my window pane,
makes me want you to be closer to me.
As we slowly stroke each others skin with love and caress…..
holding each other tight.
Never letting go,
is the endless love that I want to share with you.
You could never be replaced,
because inside there is a deeper love that I can only define.
The intimacy between us is more than a 4 letter word; passion, pain, and pleasure.
And through the abusiveness of our love,
I’m ADDICTED to the hurt and pain that’s furiously growing inside of me because of you.
I’m a sucka for your LOVE,
it takes every inch of me to give you my all!
And I’m forsaking to Love You……….


By:  Akeira Monique~ ©


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