Loosing Love

Loosing someone is never easy – especially if you loved them.  No matter what the circumstances, loosing a love that promised to be lasting can be devastating.  What’s important is to not dwell on the negative but to bask in the positive.  I know it’s hard especially when you’ve been hurt by that person but the BEST possible thing to do is FORGIVE.  You have to forgive in order to move on.  How can you present yourself for the next relationship stained, spiteful, and hardened??  You can not go on punishing everyone else for someone else’s mistakes – it’s not just.  We always try to look for the reasons WHY it didn’t work.  Was it my fault??  Was it something I did??  Was I not enough??  These questions only dig a deeper hole of regret and how can we truly regret love because that is what you had for that person at one time??  It doesn’t go away, it just gets snuffed out due to lies, deceit, and betrayal.  Never question what was possibly not meant to be in the first place.  You must analyze the ENTIRE situation before jumping to conclusions (guilty as charged).  Remember this one thing, keep the good close to your heart and release the bad into the sea of forgetfulness.  Once you move on and set free the hurt, you can be the BEST YOU for the next person that enters your life.

Check out “Love Lost”


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