Are You A Wordsmith??

Have you ever met someone who dazzled you with their verbal intellect??  Someone so gifted with the tongue that it’s almost inconceivable??  These *wordsmiths* know how to capture their prey and hold them captive.  It’s funny how they know all the right things to say and if they are really gifted their words have sometimes led us to do unmentionable things.  I say all of this WHY……we have to start being smart and decipher their intentions because sometimes they aren’t genuine and true.  These *wordsmiths* play on your  emotions, weakness, and vulnerability and have the ability to break down even the strongest person.  It’s ok if this has happened to you because it happens to the best of us.  Let’s just be aware of these *wordsmiths* and lets not be intrigued by just the physical and the verbal….dig deeper.  For most people present their *representatives* in the beginning and this is when the trickery begins.



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