As I sit and ponder on the years lost,
My mind can’t conceive its findings.
I wonder why has time stood still for me?
Why hasnt my world progressed and how was I left behind?
Behind the walls that bound me.
Behind the walls that fenced me in.
Behind the chains that bound my mind.
Behind the chains that shackled my soul.
As I reflected on my discovery,
I realize the truth….
The world never left me,
I left it.

By:  PryncesSyndrome ©

3 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Depression is nothing to play with. For all that read this, seek God’s strength and guidance to show you the way. It’s not that God is not able, it’s we’re need to be stead fast and unmoveable in our faith. Sometimes people take your kindness as a weekness. Let the cares of the world go in Jesus name, pray for your enemies. Let go and let God for family members that continously let the devil use them. When you realize the battle is not yours but the Lord’s, things will change.


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