Do You Have Questions??

Good Morning Loves!

Have you ever been left asking your spouse/partner/significant other QUESTIONS??  Has seedy behavior left you baffled??  Have you found yourself being lied to and questioning if it’s your fault??  If you have ever felt it was your FAULT you’re not alone.  Many times people have a way of shifting blame and this will definitely put you in an awkward place.  No one should ever have to endure the pain that comes along with a failing relationship.  There are ALWAYS SIGNS we just choice to ignore them for whatever reason.  Never keep yourself in a situation that doesn’t promote growth, trust, and honesty.  You’re only doing yourself an injustice if you do.  No one that is supposed to care and love you should leave you left with unanswered questions.  Men take heed because when a woman is DONE we’re DONE!

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4 thoughts on “Do You Have Questions??

  1. When in an relationship, especially one that you have given your all to, I think no woman or even man wants to see the truth. Sometimes it is just easier to ignore the signs then to start over with a new relationship. Relationships can and do take a lot out of you (leaves you broken). I have come to know that in these situations to ease that guilt or to feel a little better about the wrongs that were done …. Some turn it on the other person (Bringing up issues of the past). You begin to wonder if there was something that you did or could have done better. “Did I work at keeping this relationship healthy”… on and on ….there is many many things that linger in the mind. Basically, blame is always shifted to fit the other persons guilt(s).

    I absolutely agree with you… there should be no unanswered questions but sometimes you are left with just that.
    Great post and definitely a touching topic : )


    • Yes, its so hard for us to acknowledge our faults and to admit them. Its human nature…no one wants to be wrong let alone admit it. Its sad but thats how alot of relationships end because of poor communication. I agree w you 100% and appreciate your feedback. Thanks 🙂


  2. I def can relate to this situation! And its not always the male and I know this is for the women but in some relationships the shoe is on the othr foot. But, what do you do when your just to strong to let the person completely in? Alot of us grew in single parrnt households and im not making ne excuses but i thnk that def takes a toll on ppls lives when in a relationship. But, its not fair to the othr person when your in the relationship and all those prblms plus the relationship prblms r overlappin and time is ticking and u just cant seem to get your head above water w/all the prblms and situations! What do u do then?


    • @Brandi Yes the situation can apply to either male or female. You cant allow past hurt to navigate your course. Its never easy after being hurt to let someone in. This is when we build up walls and this can sometimes block *mr or mrs rt* from finding you. I agree that we are products of our environment and we often repeat what we see and hear. You can, however, change your outcome and introduce a new way of thinking and living. Its def not easy especially after being conditioned but definitely worth it. When it gets overwhelming, take time to yourself to regroup and refocus. If the relationship is worth it, make the effort to fix the problem(s). Communication is key in any relationship and is the first step towards making a change and for the better.


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