PryncesSyndrome’s Tidbits – 7th Installment

Verbal Versatility

My starry eyes have seen the light.
My soul is finally taking flight.
Off to lands unseen, unheard.
Exploring all through the essence of words.
For I am the best when it comes to this game.
And poetry will be my claim to fame.
Verbal Versatility is my plight.
So come along on a lyrical flight….
I’m taking off so hold on tight.


You get me every time.
With your alluring eyes and those supple lips.
Eyes that tell a thousands lies….lips that have betrayed mine.
Hands that hold another and claim no home.
Yet, I can’t resist your call.
My soul yearns for your punishment.
How did I get so lost??
I’m aware of your trickery and fall prey every time.
But my heart wont let my body reply.
I know how this ends
Because it begins the same every time.
It’s a trap and….
You get me every time.

The Cycle

Sexually confused but intrigued by your presence.
rhythmically in tune with your stroke.
Erotic episodes of ecstasy we create.
Emotions gained from our encounter.
The Cycle is imminent.

By: PryncesSyndrome ©


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