The Dark Side

I’m not a dark person but I feel my soul drifting away from righteousness.
Perception is clouded with the notion of giving in.
Giving in to the wilds of the earth.
Giving in to my carnal side.
Giving in to the other me….
The me I hold captive.
This being is not of God but a persuasion of everything good and just.
This being has been cast down but continues to rise……
To be my destruction.

By:  PryncesSyndrome ©


8 thoughts on “The Dark Side

  1. Subdue what must be subdued in order to attain heights that ought to be attained. No matter how often this body rises to destroy, subdue and don’t quit subduing! That’s the way to overcome! You’ve got more strength than you think.


  2. We are our own worst enemies. Your writing here has made me think of something which I find interesting. If we are created in his image, it would be safe to say that we too are God like in some way are we not? Loved the write


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