Reality Sucks

Reality sucks! The sooner I realize that the better off I’ll be. Why can’t I reside in a fairytale or a mythical place embodied by the sea?? Is my reality the only one tainted or do other souls share my pain?? To say that reality sucks, I know first hand. I’ve endured her highs and lows more lows than high. So tell me again why I should embrace reality?? When I can remain a prisoner of my own reality based world?? Where I am the center of all beings and my destiny is my own?? I don’t think I will ever return to reality. For at least I know in my reality, I survive.

By: PryncesSyndrome ©


2 thoughts on “Reality Sucks

  1. Nice logic. Isn’t there an inbetween? Can you really avoid reality completely? Someone once said that the mind can make a hell of heaven and a heaven of hell… Love this piece, though I think reality can be fun when you decide to look from my perspective. Smiles!


    • Thanks Tee! No we can’t escape and actually I couldn’t see myself living happy happy joy joy everyday – it’s just not realistic. Besides, I need balance and that requires the good and the bad. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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