Are We Chaotic By Nature?

Good Morning Luvies!!

Felt like I needed to share this this am.  It amazes me how some people can be so concerned with the NEGATIVE instead of the POSITIVE via the Internet.  We encourage negativity but don’t support positivity.  Anything pertaining to restoration, understanding, healing, relate ability, and insight…..we shy away from but let it be some media/social bs and we flock to it. What is wrong with us honestly?? Are we chaotic by nature?? It’s truly sad that we can’t support one another when it matters the most.  People have a *self* mentality that will continue to stifle their growth.  It’s like that saying, “crabs in a barrel” that’s the mentality that we have and will fight tooth and nail to be on top – but is it worth being on top ALONE?? Think about it.

Despite the non-support that I receive from family, friends, and social outlets –  I will continue to speak to the masses and hope they continue to receive ME~