My Journey

Never realized how alone I was until I decided to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. It’s been a long trying road that I’m still traveling down. Trying to not fold and press on but it’s hard when you’re not afforded a break or your efforts go unnoticed. I can’t fight my heart’s desire……I was put here to create and to navigate my own course. Praying for a *breakthrough* and hoping my words don’t fall on deaf ears. There’s a message in the words if you just take the time to hear them. As always….until the next time.



3 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. I tweeted this .. hope you do not mind.
    It is touching.
    And PS…stay positive and focus.
    As you know… sometimes things seem like they are not paying off and sometimes what we do goes unnoticed.
    But all comes into the light 🙂 So stay patient. 🙂 hugs 🙂


    • No not at all. I appreciate you doing so because someone somewhere is going thru the same thing I am. Girl, it’s been a hard road but like you said, all will be revealed in time. Thank you and I appreciate U 🙂 hugs!!


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