My Weight Journey

For years, I’ve struggled with my weight after having my 3 children.  My oldest is 16 (17 in Nov), my middle 12 (13 next mos), and my youngest 5 (6 in April).  I always had a small frame (115 when I graduated from HS) – no breast but a big ol’ booty lol.  After the birth of my 1st child, I welcomed the curves my body took on.  The birth of my 2nd child, destroyed my body physically.  The extra weight gain did some serious damage and from that point on, I struggled with loosing and maintaining my weight.  Poor diet and eating habits added to my stress.  Although I was happy to have my little angel, I was sadden at the transformation my body had went through.  My highest weight was 200lbs. and during this time, I was sadden by my appearance but didn’t have the will power to do anything about it.  After the birth of my son in 2007, I started to think about my LIFE and being around for my children.  I never took it serious before, but after plateauing and not being able to stick to any type of regimen, I decided NOW was the time to push and challenge myself to make change for the better.

When I decided it was time to make a change, I was 185lb.  I’m proud to say that after hard work, diligence, and time, I’ve come down to 159 (yayyyyyy me). Exercise and proper eating habits are KEY and detrimental to your success!!  This is a BIG accomplishment for me and I’m not stopping until I reach my goal.  Now, this didn’t happen over night, but after the hard work, I’m really seeing the results and this motivates me to keep going.  I wanna make a point to say……make sure you’re making life changes for the right reasons.  A lot of people think that quick fix diets are the way to go or that starving yourself is the answer but their wrong.  You truly don’t know how much damage you’re doing to yourself until the damage is done.  Don’t be a slave to the MEDIA – make the healthy change for YOU and you alone.  No one knows YOU better than YOU so make sure you make the right decision and do it for the right reasons.

Here are a couple of pics of my process.  It can be done all you have to do is DO IT 🙂

before 2007/2008 after 9/2012

this pics are recent – from the summer



2 thoughts on “My Weight Journey

  1. Lookin’ Great, PS! And you’re right, it’s all about exercise, proper eating habits and lifestyle changes…although, not deprivation, but enjoyment in moderation, so you won’t blow it! Congrats! xx


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