School’s In Session

I’m glad to report that I’ve started back to school this month.  I was struggling with coming back to finish up my BA in Communications or just tossing it all to the wind.  I had gotten frustrated with the whole thing and my confidence had been deflated.  Being a  wife, mother, student, artist, and entrepreneur is very time-consuming and draining.

I’m glad that I pulled it together and decided to start back.  I have to remember that EVERYTHING I do is for my children and their betterment.  If I decided to give up, what am I teaching my children??  I’m their role model and it is my duty to encourage academics and to show them that at my age (35) you can still pursue your dreams – it’s never too late!  It’s only been 3 weeks since school started but this is the type of encouragement and motivation I needed to realize I have a talent and I must share it with the world.  My professor gave me a 100 for my 1st assignment and this was her comment:


Your writing is beautiful! I am sorry your early attempts were not encouraged. However, with your blog and creative writing ability, you can continue to hone your writing skills.

Our class is more practical than it is creative. You will have the opportunity to use a more direct, concrete writing style for the workplace. I believe you will enjoy the various activities and documents. They will provide you with the diversity you desire.



10 thoughts on “School’s In Session

  1. This is awesome, PS! My daughter is also majoring in Communications and I didn’t stay with college, regretfully, but then again, if I had, I wouldn’t have met my hubby or had my children (different paths). I know it’s never too late, but….blah,blah,blah! Anyway, good for you and congrats on your first assignment! 🙂


    • Oh trust me I understand. Was soooo ready to throw in the towel but I’m determined to see this thru. Good for her and I hope she’s doing well 🙂 yes, it’s amazing how our lives develop and the paths we choose…..thanks LS preciate’cha much!!


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