Honoring My Grandparents


Just wanted to post a picture of my grandparents. So thankful to still have her in my life. RIP grandpop Charlie. If you are lucky to still have your grandparents, hold on to the tight because no one knows the day or the hour…..

My twin~

Forgiveness is Key!

In these times, we should all be trying to make amends and right wrongs with the ones we love. No one is perfect and we all have our shortcomings. It is important to recognize our parts played in every situation instead of shifting blame or avoiding the situation.

On this day, I’m thankful for  second chances and the ability to forgive those who have wronged me and I’m wiser now and can recognize my fault in a situation and approach it with different eyes.
Be Blessed All!


Good Morning All!

As we celebrate the beginning of summer (even though it doesn’t officially start until June 21st), we must not forget the reason and purpose of this day.  This day is to honor ALL those who have fought for our country and to keep our civil liberties.  A lot of times, people tend to forget the meaning of the holiday and put too much emphasis on the “partying” aspect.  Not to say that we can’t celebrate and welcome in summer, but please try to remember that if it wasn’t for our service men and women……would we be able to celebrate and party so freely??  On this day, I would like to take the time to recognize MY military family members for all their efforts, time, and courage.  

Army – Randolph Brown (husband)

Army – Michael Harris (brother)

Navy – Herbert Brown (father-in-law)

Navy – Detri Oliver (mother-in-law)

Navy – Charles E. White Sr. (grandfather deceased)

Navy – Charles E. White Jr. (uncle deceased)

Air Force – Candice Carter (cousin)

Marines – Russ Johnson (cousin)

I love you all!



Just a lil something something……….

Good Morning!

As I sit and sip on my morning JOE, I reflect on life and all it has afforded me.  Blessed to be able to see another day and the opportunity to write wrongs.  A lot of times, we wait until we feel it’s the right time but there is no specific time frame when time is of the essence.  Embrace life NOW before it’s too late and remember to treat each day as a new beginning.  No one has this thing called “life” down pack but we are all moving through this universe trying to find our purpose.  Just felt like sharing a lil something something this am.  Blessings to you all~




Greetings All,

I just wanted to share some exciting news.  I just received my first request for one of my poems to be printed, framed, laminated, and autographed by ME (along with an illustration or photo) for purchase.  I am overwhelmed with excitement and joy that someone thought that much of my work to want it as a keepsake.  I am very humbled by this opportunity and who knows……maybe this is a new venture to explore 🙂 Greatful for my GOD given talents and good talent doesn’t go unnoticed.  Be blessed All!


Regret 101

Let me teach you about Regret.

It often rears its head after a deed is done.

Negativity is the fuel that charges this feeling.

Giving it life to breed all uncertainties.

It troubles your mind like a plague that won’t vanish……

Delivering an outcome unfounded.

There is truth in knowing that Regret is inevitable…….

PryncesSyndrome © 2013


The natural me……

Is free to be whoever she wants to be.

The natural me…..

Gives no apologies for who she is.

The natural me…..

Is raw and uncut and pure at heart.

The natural me…….

Beauty in it’s truest form.

The natural me……

I embrace her with open arms.

For the nature me……..

Allowed me to be FREE~

PryncesSyndrome © 2013