If YOU still believe in the POWER OF WORDS……

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on here.  My last entry was the passing of my husband’s aunt in December.  Life has a way of coming in and shaking things up and disrupting the normal flow of things.  No excuses…..I’ve just had nothing to say or to write.  I would rather say nothing at all than to say something that is not going to be inspirational or beneficial to someone.  I have a life and I don’t have time to bore or simply try to entertain  you for social gain.  I’m not in it for anything other than to reap the benefits of touching someone’s life in a positive way.  Too much negativity is circulating in our atmosphere and the media is continuously damaging the social experience and what it can provide you.  I feel that in my absence, I’ve endured much and learned much and I would like the opportunity to report my findings.  If there are still people who believe in the power of WORDS and the release and healing properties that they offer….than I’m your girl!




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