W.O.W – Words of WIsdom

We are unique instruments made in HIS image.  So why do we allow ourselves to get played? PS~


5 thoughts on “W.O.W – Words of WIsdom

    • Hey girlie!!! I’m so happy you like. Hope all is well. Yea it’s been a minute but I wasn’t feeling inspiring so I just laid low. If I’m not feeling it, how can I convey anything to anyone else. YES, I’m back and can’t wait to share 🙂 God Bless you as well and hoping you have a wonderful upcoming week!


      • I truly undeerstand, I cant wait to read more of your wisdom you have to share with us. Im hanging in there. Have a birthday coming up in a few days. God is truly good all the time 🙂 Sometimes we have to take a break and just clear our head and try it again. God Bless 🙂


      • I’m hoping it’s well received 🙂 early bday wishes to you!!! YES HE IS ALL THE TIME!! I definitely did but I’m here and I’m giving it a GO again. Blessings friend 🙂


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