Good Morning All!

As we celebrate the beginning of summer (even though it doesn’t officially start until June 21st), we must not forget the reason and purpose of this day.  This day is to honor ALL those who have fought for our country and to keep our civil liberties.  A lot of times, people tend to forget the meaning of the holiday and put too much emphasis on the “partying” aspect.  Not to say that we can’t celebrate and welcome in summer, but please try to remember that if it wasn’t for our service men and women……would we be able to celebrate and party so freely??  On this day, I would like to take the time to recognize MY military family members for all their efforts, time, and courage.  

Army – Randolph Brown (husband)

Army – Michael Harris (brother)

Navy – Herbert Brown (father-in-law)

Navy – Detri Oliver (mother-in-law)

Navy – Charles E. White Sr. (grandfather deceased)

Navy – Charles E. White Jr. (uncle deceased)

Air Force – Candice Carter (cousin)

Marines – Russ Johnson (cousin)

I love you all!



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