Phrase of the Day – Embrace Your Face

Imperfectly Perfect…that’s who we are. Our flaws are what make us who we are. Our imperfections give us character and uniqueness. Look in the mirror and learn to Embrace Your Face.

Many of us have looked in the mirror and are not happy with what we see. Self-esteem is at an all time low due to society’s warped perception of what beauty truly is. Who gave them the right or authority to impose such a harsh reality on us??

Social media’s pressure to be someone else is more encouraged than being your true self. I too at one time struggled with my identity and didn’t think I was pretty enough. I’m here to tell you that you are YOU….special and unique in your own way. God makes no mistakes and knowing that, I’ve changed my perception and outlook on life.

So when I say Embrace Your Face, I mean it. Learn to love YOU because it starts with you first. Acceptance of one’s self completely is a goal that we ALL should strive for.



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