Phrase Of The Day – Love The Skin You’re In

Why is it that WE neglect Self? Why does society hold such a firm grasp on our existence? Do we even cherish the skin we’re in?

In life, you only get one chance to do it and to do it right. Learning to love the skin you’re in should have been taught and instilled in us as children. Sometimes we don’t always get that nurturing or understanding as we should but that doesn’t stop you from embracing the journey to find ones true self.

WE were made in His image….so how can we not be anything but perfect in His eyes? HE took His time and created masterpieces’….and for us to see anything less is a reflection of our own doubt. It took awhile for me to get to a place of appreciation.

For years I struggled with my weight after having my children. I had gotten use to my size and the weight I had accumulated…at least I had thought so. Not being comfortable in my own skin caused many problems. See you should always love yourself no matter the cost because if you don’t who will?

In conclusion, I knew my value but allowed society and the media to dictate my worth and that sent me into a tailspin. Get to know YOU and to do that you must initially love yourself. You can’t move forward in life by holding onto frivolous things or situations past or present. Learn to accept the things you can not change immediately but work diligently towards fixing self and your inner man; this must be done before your outer man can be.

Love the skin your in… only get 1!



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