Dazed and Confused

Society has in filtrated our minds leaving us dazed and confused all the while planting destructive seeds. These seeds have been nurtured by society’s negative influences and have now corrupted our minds and entire thought process.  Being followers and placing your entire existence into such a destructive environment is not healthy.  That’s why we have so many issues socially.

Now I can’t take away from the positive things that we can obtain and/or learn from social media nor am I downing every aspect of it. I’m simply sharing my thoughts on how I am perceiving our society to be and the sad impact it has on our generation and the next generation to come. I won’t ignore what I see but instead try to share my findings so that others can be enlightened.

Stop glorifying damaging social behavior. Try instead to uplift and inspire others instead of tearing them down. Learn how to love SELF first so that you can contribute to society in a positive manner. Stop placing so much faith in social media and society’s hands…because in the end, you will lose everytime.

Recognize patterns, be aware of your surroundings, and learn behaviors….stop letting society pull the wool over your eyes. Contribute to a positive outcome instead of being apart of the problem. Being dazed and confused only hurts YOU in the end.


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