Contemporary Poetry Digest Monthly

To those inquiring about my poems that were published by them, here are the two books:

WIN_20150321_105139 (2) WIN_20150321_105146 (2)


4 thoughts on “Contemporary Poetry Digest Monthly

  1. The Death of Happiness

    In the graveyard of my heart lie tombs.
    Of the dozens of casualties that life has
    bestowed upon my mortal soul.
    Row after row lined up to remind me of
    the constant death and rebirth of my happiness.
    Each tree casts shadows, representing the death of loved ones.
    Each earthen mound, a scar of disappointment.
    Each flower of bereavement watered by tears.
    Tears poured into an earthen hole
    filled with dozens of broken hearts.
    Waiting, only to be resurrected again and again.
    Each time, quietly and unceremoniously laid to rest.
    Only the muffled sounds of deep sobbing,
    break the silence of the dead.
    As the choir of unfulfilled dreams joins in.
    To sing a hymn of little faith.
    In lasting love.
    Or joy.

    ~ poem © Jan. 16th, 2016 by David M. Smith

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  2. Blessings of Love, Success, and Happiness

    May deep love and ecstasies
    garden journey to your heart
    on a moonlit night,
    dressed in tranquilities shadow.

    May the doorway to your dreams
    be left open just enough,
    for radiant beams of sunlight
    to filter in through branches of laurel.

    May anxiety and heartaches be quickly
    dispatched to hangman’s gallows,
    as your mood is transformed to a
    pink crystalized honeycomb.

    ~ poem © Jan. 18th, 2016 by David M. Smith

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