Change Your Well, Change Your Life.

Now, if someone would of came to me and said this I would of been like what…change your Well, change your life?? Stop drinking from a dry Well?? Makes no sense….but in the wee hours of the am THIS came to me. Inspiration is EVERYWHERE but I know my source…Thank You Lord.

Stop drinking from a dry Well. Now…you may ask, “How can I drink from a dry Well?”

Staying in an unhealthy relationship/situation.
Staying with an unemployed/underachieving male/female.
Staying at a job that doesn’t recognize your potential or compensates you accordingly.

These are just a few but there are many Wells that we continue to drink from because we have been programmed by society that this is acceptable.

The Wells represents that thing that binds you; continuing to devote your time and energy to but not reaping a bountiful healthy return.

Dry represents the emptiness that is felt in these actions and the feelings you harbor towards the situation; causing a bound mentality; thus, becoming repetitive and comfortable, but yet stifling your position.

In order for us to recognize and achieve our true and full potential, we must find Wells that promote, encourage, and inspire growth and change. Don’t waste time on Wells that will only quinch your thirst, yet seek out the one’s that will satisfy your thirst instead.


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