Irene White

Through it all you never gave up. Determined and strong willed….you fought a good fight. Surpassing what was written and baffling all that witnessed. It was a daily struggle we all endured but in the end the journey was well worth it. To see you at peace is all we ever wanted. To know that you hurt no more is all we could ask for. You grew weary of this place and the Lord heard your cry…but not before we said our goodbyes. For today Heaven gained another Angel and her name is Irene…..

From the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul….I will forever love you and hold you near and dear to my heart. Protect us ALL and take care of our loved ones above….Rest in Heaven Grandma.


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New Season

GM. As WE embark on a new season WE must bring along a new attitude. We can not take the old into the new and expect Change. Movement is Growth and Growth is Progress. Many lessons learned and knowledge gained on this continuous journey we call LIFE. Wishing EVERYONE here a blessed holiday season and new year filled w peace, prosperity, and love.


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