Just My Thoughts….

​GM. In these times of uncertainty, it is important to take heed to the actions and signs around you. Knowledge is POWER and understanding is FUEL to jump start your abilities to do and be better. Apply all knowledge gained so that you can make a clear decision on your actions, words, and choices that you choose. I’m a product of my upbringing but that alone doesn’t define me. I am a multitude of things good and bad and as my life progresses, I can only hope to encounter my full potential. Let no one control your feelings, thoughts, or actions because your path is just that YOURS. I’m wiser now than I’ve ever been but continuously striving to become the best person, mother, sister, friend that I can be. I can not and will not forget ALL that has been done, how the Lord has worked in my life, and that I’m still here to talk about it. I am BLESSED and grateful for change because without it, you stay stagnant and stunt your growth. To be open to change is not a weakness but a strength that many may never choose to take on because of FEAR of the unknowing. Taking a leap of FAITH and belief in a higher power is needed to help you gain the courage you need to start a new. Allow change to change your life! 
Blessings to you ALL and I hope these words find a place in your ❤.


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