Comfort Zone

My moment is here.

So let me be clear.

About my intentions.

I come to bless…set your weary body at rest. 

Calming fears I erase doubt.

Ushering in truths unknown.

I’ve taken you out of your comfort zone.

My words speak volumes.

Sincerity fuels me.

Clarity is gained.

I come to heal…restoring damage done.

Reassuring my position building trust.

Solidifying truths revealed. 

I’ve taken you out of your comfort zone.
By: PryncesSyndrome © 2016


Let me tell you a vision.

Let me sell you a dream….

Lies and implications have sold us a scheme.

Controlled by the system destined to fall.

We gain nothing but pain with our backs against the wall.

But knowledge is power and wisdom is gold….

Never believe everything you’ve been told.

Build up your armor,

Get ready for WAR……

If we pay close attention,

we know what’s in store – BE READY. 
By: PryncesSyndrome © 2016


A crisp breeze whipping at my heels;
I noticed your arrival.

We meet again like old lovers do.

The chill brings back memories…

surging through my body igniting a spark.

I’ve waited patiently for your return.

My body ached and yearned for you;

anticipating our next encounter.

Seasons come and go but you…you stay forever fixed on my mind.

You’re like a bottle of wine – smooth and refined.

No, everyone is not a fan but me my darling I’m apart of your clan.

Rushing the time to usher you back in,

I’ve missed my cold and solace friend.

How long will you be around?

I sicken at the thought of you leaving town.

Let’s not waste another moment for our time is brief.

Embrace me one last time…

Fixing your feverish lips on mine.

Frozen is what I’ll be…

Until Winter returns for me.

By: PryncesSyndrome © 2016


From day to day my emotions sway…
Like a child learning to ride a bike…

Unsure of myself, anxious, scared…fear embraces me and keeps me still.

Stillness requires no effort nor thought…its just a state of being.

Trapped in this pattern I loose all hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

But the child in me that thrives off of curiosity and breathes determination, fights another day.

For emotional control is yours to gain.

By: PryncesSyndrome © 2016

IN Sync….

My heart aches when we’re not in sync.
Our irregularity has us off beat.
Give us back our rhythm.
Restore natural order.
Balance what once was….
Let us create again – in harmony….

By: PryncesSyndrome © 2016

The Unexpected…..

As I embark on this new journey, I find myself compelled to spill out my heart and pave our road with memories lasting for a lifetime. Traveling blind I welcome the challenge of something fresh and brand new. Adventures await us as the passion within swells…waiting for that next unexpected bump, curve, twist, and turn…I anticipate it All. No safety needed, I throw caution to the wind allowing our course to set itself – no need to rush this ride. For my intentions are true and unrefined. As I embark on this new journey, I intend to capture your heart forever….

By: PryncesSyndrome ©  2016


I strategically invade your mind.
Grasping all space, concept, and time.
Rearranging your design – I Learn you.

Playing my position.
I am the grand wizard.
Puzzle pieces in my hand….
it’s all apart of my great plan – I Conquer you.

I strategically invaded your mind.
I’ve gathered all the evidence I could find.
Invading your time – I Master you.

PryncesSyndrome ©


Never wanted to turn my back.
But how can I not when I know the facts?
Following the norm….
I’m caught in the storm.
Brainwashed by society and stuck in tradition.
I’ve lost myself and I’ve given up my position.
A slave to the game,
I have no one to blame….but myself.
For I once was blind but now I see.
Reality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
A slave to society I will no longer be.
Knowledge is gained and has set me free.

PryncesSyndrome ©


When the rain is all you rely on,
you eagerly anticipates her arrival;
always arriving just when I need her.
We chat as old friends do on a much needed visit. Catching up on all that has been missed…her rhythmic tone soothes me; calming my emotions and erasing my fears.
She brings promise of a new day that relishes in endless possibilities; I crave that moment. As she slows her pace….I hear her well. She must move on so I bid her farewell.
For I know she will return when my body needs to expel…Again.

By: PryncesSyndrome @ 2015