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Why Can’t I Let Go?

Once we dreamt of eternity together.
Love was the force that bound us together.
Trials and tribulations have now torn us apart.
I long for the old you.
The man I once knew,
treasured my heart and loved my imperfections.
He saw past the extreme obstacles that stood in our paths.

Distance was placed between us,
which made my love for him blossom.
Fate had arisen and given us another chance,
to ignite the fire that had once been snuffed out by lies and deceit.
We reunited under false pretenses which caused a whirlwind of hurt and anger.

That man I once knew,
was no more.
Who was this stranger who had stolen my heart?
The emotional rollercoaster was unbearable.
I found myself wondering down roads of unmentionable pain.
Loyalty no longer dwelled in our hearts.

Our love was tainted and it could not be salvaged.
I refereed my heart and my soul,
as they battled for 1st place.
I screamed out, “Why Can’t I Let Go?”
No reply was given for in time all things will be revealed unto me.

By: PryncesSyndrome © 2005


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