Life Jacket

I feel like I’m drowning. Thoughts are jumbled and my comprehension is distorted. I’m struggling to realize my purpose, my calling. Clear to me one day and blurry the next. My perception of right and wrong has been altered. Gasping for existence and to matter most. Ignorant words hinder my spirit. Misleading actions bind my motion. I am drowning and I’m looking for my life jacket. Someone throw me a life jacket. I feel my presence drifting away……

W.O.W. – Words of Wisdom

Relationships are defined by 2 intricate individuals.  Never allow yourself to dissipate in a relationship.  A partner respects an independent mind, body, and spirit; therefore, keeping your identity is essential. PS~


This affliction that I have is deadly. It haunts my every move, every caresses my moods and alters my thoughts. Its ability to seize your essence is astounding.

This affliction that I have is common. Many have fallen casualty….to its hurt, pain, and sorrow. Its stain it leaves after the deed is done.

This affliction that I have is timeless. Its continuous arrival is uncanny. No one can predict its reasoning….for its different every time.

This affliction that I have is love.

By: PryncesSyndrome ©

When Love Fails

Love – noun 1. tender, passionate affection 2. strong personal liking 3. person toward whom love is felt

Love is a very strong emotion. It has an all-consuming power that is addictive. Many search high and low just to experience it. It is what we all desire and deem a necessary component to our very existence – true and complete happiness. But what happens when love fails you? When love fuels your motives, your behavior? When love is no longer the basis for your actions? Some have taken advantage of love and blame it for their compulsive behavior. When this is done, love is no longer an affection but now an Affliction



Good Morning All!

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted but I’ve been truly dealing with alot. Been overwhelmed and just trying to find balance. Those who believe, please keep me lifted up in prayer. I’m hoping to get back to sharing my work with you soon.  Hoping everyone is doing well and as always….continue to be blessed!



I know we are ALL excited that Friday is finally here.  Another week has come and gone.  After the stress of the week, all we want to do is kick back, relax, and unwind. Might I add that the weather is PERFECT for *all things mushy*.  Wrapping your body up in the one you love or the one you love right now.  I mean let’s be honest, we’ve ALL been there and most of us are fighting to find that *everlasting love*.  Fortunate are those who have found it but there is HOPE for those who haven’t.  Often, we confuse what love is with infatuationInfatuation is the misconception of what love really is.  It is everything that is opposite of love.  Being infatuated with someone is really a more mature way of saying, “I have a crush.” – it’s highly ironic that nothing is *mature* about infatuation Infatuation embodies all things superficial and false regarding true love True love can’t be explained, but manifested between to individuals by way of actions.


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Do You Have Questions??

Good Morning Loves!

Have you ever been left asking your spouse/partner/significant other QUESTIONS??  Has seedy behavior left you baffled??  Have you found yourself being lied to and questioning if it’s your fault??  If you have ever felt it was your FAULT you’re not alone.  Many times people have a way of shifting blame and this will definitely put you in an awkward place.  No one should ever have to endure the pain that comes along with a failing relationship.  There are ALWAYS SIGNS we just choice to ignore them for whatever reason.  Never keep yourself in a situation that doesn’t promote growth, trust, and honesty.  You’re only doing yourself an injustice if you do.  No one that is supposed to care and love you should leave you left with unanswered questions.  Men take heed because when a woman is DONE we’re DONE!

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